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Miscellaneous written pieces (in English)

It is frequently too much of a hassle to find outlets for written pieces, and the delays and lags are prohibitive, so I'll post them here as I write them. I could do this on a blog, but since blogs are no longer crawled by search engines, that is not really an option. Some have been published elsewhere, some not. Sometimes I'll simply link to the published version. For scientific publications and peer-reviewed articles, books, etc., see "Publications etc."

A call for an interdisciplinary think tank —The Solutions Center.

  • Who's Gonna Solve These Problems?
  • PDF -- Read here

    Trying to organize an anthology, written by experts in the various fields pertaining to mechanisms that make it hard for us to "Save the World", even when we know we need to.

  • Can We Save The World? (Part 1.)
  • MAHB: Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere. December 13, 2016

    Continuing the pitch for a seminar series/book on whether we can "save the world".

  • Can We Save The World? (Part 2.)
  • MAHB: Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere. December 20, 2016

    Ethics are ultimately founded on what you truly care about.

  • What Do You Care About?
  • MAHB: Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere. May 16, 2017

    Desperately seeking participants in "Can we save the World?"

  • Can We Save The World? (Part 3.)
  • PDF -- Read here

    A review of Michael Moore et al.'s "Planet of the Humans".

  • Loved and hated for all the wrong reasons.
  • PDF -- Read here

    Some basic demography/population dynamics.

  • Why you wrongfully think that Western countries are in population decline.
  • PDF -- Read here

    More stuff on the size of the human population, and why it matters.

  • On Population: A Response to George Monbiot.
  • PDF -- Read here

    Electoral reform: on the electoral college.

  • The electoral college is not the problem.
  • PDF -- Read here

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